The Board of Engineers Cambodia tries to narrow the gap of qualification among national and ASEAN engineers.គណៈវិស្វករកម្ពុជាព្យាយាមកាត់បន្ថយគំលាតគុណវុឌ្ឃិ៍ពីក្នុងបណ្តាវិស្វករជាតិនិងវិស្វករអាស៊ាន៕

The Conference of the Board of Engineers Cambodia

The Annual Conference report by the Board of Engineers Cambodia on labour activities 2015 and the furture 2016 led by H.E. Ms. Ho Non the member of parliament and under council vice president of BEC on 04, April 2016 at 8:30am to 12:00pm.


The Board Of Engineers, Cambodia Sign MOD With LIBEWORK Co.,Ltd

On 12 February 2016 in Board of Engineers, Cambodia have sign MOD with delelates from South Korea. Board of Engineers, Cambodia and LIBEWORK Co., Ltd on establish laboratory in the Board of Engineers, Camboida.


The 30th Meeting Of ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer Coordinating Committee (ACPECC)

The Cambodian delegation led by H.E. Mr. Sokhom Rithyvuth to join the 30th Meeting of  ​​​ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer Coordinating Committee(ACPECC) on 26 January 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand.
That is the first time we have got 30 persons success for Cambodian Chartered Professional Engineer Register by ​​​ASEAN (ACPECC) and recognize Board of Engineers, Cambodia's Website by ACPECC.


The 82nd Meeting Of The Coordinating Comittee On Services (CCS)

On 29th of September 2015 delegates from Board of Engineers, Cambodia led by H.E. Mr. Sokhom Rithyvuth has joined the 82nd Meeting of the Coordinating Committee on Services at SUNTEC CONVENTION and EXHIBITION, Singapore.
The Board of Engineers, Cambodia has appoitment Representatives for Cambodian to the ACPECC-SGM to the Monitoring Committee Cambodia on Engineering Service as follow as  Mr.SOM RITHY and Mr. CHAP CHANNARITH as our representative for the ACPECC Study Group on Mobility.

We assure that their expeperiences in professional services will be helpfull for the achievement of the objective of the Working Group.


Seminar on CABLE SAFETY FOR A SAFER TOMORROW at HIMAWARI Hotel on 29-07-2015

A seminar has been organized in HIMAWARI hotel on 29th July this year on “CABLE SAFERY FOR A SAFER TOMORROW” by the Board of Engineers Cambodia, and sponsored by Cast Laboratory Private Limited.

Along the business opportunities we should not forget about the importance of ensuring safety, particularly in the area of fire, electrical and environmental hazard. The seminar highlighted how the quality of cable could lead to fire and electrical hazards and how it could be prevented.

Speakers presented technical and legal documentations by the Ministry of Mine and Energy. That is to be implemented in the coming year 2016; for example, the replacement of the new electrical code; and grounding which is not widely applied so far in Cambodia.

In his closing speech, H.E Sokhom Pheakkeakvanmony, vice president of the Council of the Board of Engineers Cambodia, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Public Work has advised the participants including

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